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The History of the Maxwell Street Polish

The legend of "Jim's Original" started over 70 years ago, when a young, bright-eyed European immigrant named "Jimmy" arrived in America. Just like so many other immigrants to the city, once in Chicago, Jimmy began working at a small hot dog stand on the bustling corners of Maxwell and Halsted Streets. Jimmy worked hard, bought the stand from his aunt, and then made it literally "World Famous." He piled succulent polish sausages high on the grill and created the first Maxwell Street Polish Sausage sandwich, with sweet grilled onions and a smear of mustard. Due to UIC expansion and City pressures, that little stand, Jim's Original, was relocated first in 2001 and then in 2005 a block North and a block East to the Southwest Corner of Union Avenue & James Rochford Street. While it took on this new location it retained its original name that continues to this day. Today we continue to serve the traditional Maxwell Street Polish Sausage at 312 Beef & Sausage just as Jimmy did when he first "invented" it in 1941, along with all of our other delicious sandwiches. Feel free to improvise with your own version and you might end up making your own new "World Famous" sandwich in the process.

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